Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two weeks of recruitment

When I began recruitment, I kept saying to myself that it wouldn't be too hard -- after all, bloggers enjoy writing and reflecting so why not participate in a study? Secretly, of course, I was concerned people wouldn't bother to respond to a stranger making a (somewhat rare and random) request of their time, effort and thoughtfulness.
I've heard from 30 of you, and most of your have filled out the survey. Which is awesome.
I imagine that blogging kind of forces people to be more open to strangers who might find you on the internet, for whatever reason.
At any rate, or whatever the reason, I want to say thank you to all those people who have responded so far. Always feel free to pass it along or comment here on your experience. And if you do choose to post about it, please share with me as well if you feel so inclined.


  1. ahhh i'd totally be down for filling out the survey, but i'm 19!

    e-mail me at if that's alright :)

  2. Hey there!
    It was interesting to receive your comment since I am in my third year at UBC and hoping to go into the honours psychology program here.. however I cannot participate because I am only 17 years old; it is the nature of my blog to reflect on university life through my unique perspective.
    Thanks for checking my blog out though!

  3. Thanks for the invite through one of my blogs (cafe crem).I enjoyed completing the survey, and found it very interesting. I wish you luck with the project.

  4. Bloomsight:
    Thanks for your comment, and your interest in what I'm doing. I'd like to do further research with different populations, especially if this study yields interesting findings. I'd like to extend it to a younger crowd, and would contact you in the future about further studies if that's OK with you.
    Hope the end of your semester is going well!

  5. kevmoore:

    Thanks for your comment. People have had a range of reactions to taking the survey -- most have had positive reactions but some have had feelings related to having to face some difficult aspects of their lives and relationships. Both responses certainly have their merits, but I'm glad you found it enjoyable!

  6. Just filled out my survey and will post a note on my blog about your survey. Glad to be included and would love to keep up with the results as you compile them! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Thanks alot for taking it, and for posting it on your blog. Personal recommendations definitely help in getting people on board to participate! I'm glad you enjoyed the experience, and I will definitely be in touch with everyone who participated when I have something to publish.